The Good and the Beautiful is giving away 12 days of prizes beginning on Thursday, December 1, 2022
and ending on Friday, December 16, 2022. Check out the details below!

The 12 days of Giving has ended.

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Giveaway Winners

For each day, we will announce the winners here as well as our social platforms. Stay tuned to see your name here!

Day 1:

@stephanoodle89, @lifewiththebeaverbabes, @jessjonu, @aletheia.mentoring

Day 2:


@fernsandantlers, @kristinajohnson1230, @camcpayne38, @kaminamanda, @brynn_mcguire, @girly_love_marly


Melita Roth Cool, Maribella Navas Irving, Jennifer Timms Wheeler, Jessica Taylor Robertson, Savannah Paris, Maryanne Argyras

Day 3:

@nadinechez, @val.vrgz_, @chlsgomez6, @andriabreen

Day 4:

@alpriebe, @edriediger, @thiswholefamily, @livingwiththedicksons

Day 5:

@bowersoxk, @mitzi.husby, @jrp7c5, @parr4545

Day 6:

@natashak314, @naturally_shann_775, @emhepworth, @orgillkline

Day 7:

@jessica.rose116, @faith_freedom_academy, @cindy_wolfshohl, @kwolfshohl11

Day 8:

@awakening_farm, @11blessingsfarmschool, @danielle.ramsey.940, @uptomyelbowsinlife

Day 9:

@kellyfluke, @mammananda, @rachelontheridge, @hotmessmutha

Day 10:


@fakefarmerswife, @mainelybakers


Taylor Jones, April Walker

Day 11:

@thompsylvania_pennsons, @lenalynnrobertson, @mama__lemons, @dejonaehernandez

Day 12:


@naturerocks555, @jodie.b.fields


Luke Skye, Maria Miller