Ladybug Crafts

Don’t miss our adorable FREE Ladybug Crafts packet (with a snack idea too)! 

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Ladybug Colors

Ladybugs are simple, fascinating creatures. Most of us know them as the small, rounded insect with a red body and black spots, but…that is only ONE of over 6,000 species of ladybugs, called ladybird beetles by scientists. 

Ladybugs come in many different colors: red, orange, yellow, and even blue, gray, or black! They may have lots of spots, a few spots, no spots, or even stripes. Look at the abundance of colors in these ladybug pictures!

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To celebrate these beloved little creatures, here are a few simple ladybug crafts to make at home! 

Keep reading to find instructions for a tasty ladybug fruit snack recipe and a ladybug dot painting. A template for the dot painting is in our free printable PDF of ladybug crafts! 

In this download, you’ll also find instructions for a ladybug puppet, a preschool craft taken from Poetry Parties for Littles—Insects and Spiders. This book is one of many originals found in The Good and the Beautiful Library

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Ladybug Fruit Snack


  • ½ apple
  • ½ grape
  • 6 raisins or chocolate chips
  • 2 Tbsp peanut butter, cream cheese, or other spread

Adult (or older child with adult supervision):

Cut an apple in half, and then cut each half down the middle. Remove seeds. 

Cut a grape in half.

Instructions for child:

  • Use a butter knife to smear the peanut butter (or other spread) between two apple quarters and set them together to form the ladybug’s body.
  • Smear the spread onto the raisins or chocolate chips, and place them on the apple as the ladybug spots.
  • Attach a ½ grape or blueberry for a head.
  • Serve on a small plate and enjoy!
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Ladybug Dot Art Printable


  • PDF printout
  • Black dot marker or paint 
  • Red dot marker or paint
    *A good alternative is black and red paint with cotton swabs.
  • Optional: googly eyes and glue (or marker) for eyes 

Instructions for child:

  • Use the dot markers to fill in the ladybug. 
  • As an extra challenge, try to model your painting after a real ladybird beetle (aka ladybug). See the images earlier in the blog for ideas! 
  • Add two eyes, two antennae, and six legs. Don’t forget to draw a line down the middle to show it has two wings.  
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Be sure to download all these fun ladybug crafts in our free printable PDF! 

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    We love ladybugs! How fun!

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    This activity is so cute my kids loved doing it!

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    Love this, so awesome that it’s a free download 🙏🏻 look forward to doing this with my girls