Simply Good and Beautiful Math: What It’s All About 

The Simply Good and the Beautiful Math team knows homeschool parents need enjoyable open-and-go lessons that are just the right length, while also building a solid foundation of strong number sense and mathematical thinking. That is exactly what we have created with our Simply Good and Beautiful homeschool math curriculum. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more!

Every level of math includes 120 lessons divided into units, followed by an assessment at the end of each unit. Throughout the entire math program, students slowly gain independence as lessons progress from being parent-led in Math K through 3 to student-led in Math 4 and above. 

Lessons are simple, yet powerful, and connect math to nature, art, and real-world situations. They also exceed most national math standards! 

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Free Printable Homeschool Math for Kindergarten to Grade 7

Free Homeschool Math

One of the benefits of these math courses is the super-low pricing on the physical course sets, but we also offer all of the math courses as completely free downloads!

Why? We feel that homeschooling changes lives, and we want to help more parents start and stick with homeschooling. We believe that our Good and Beautiful curriculum makes homeschooling a more meaningful and less overwhelming experience.

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Homeschool Math Course Book Covers for Kindergarten to Grade 7
Homeschool Spiral Math and Why it Works from The Good and the Beautiful

Spiral Math

Simply Good and Beautiful Math takes a spiral approach to learning. In each lesson a student learns and practices a new concept and also reviews previous concepts. By spiraling back to previous lessons and lower-level courses in this way, students continue to review what they have learned and build upon previous knowledge.

Learn more about the spiral math approach at the link below!

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Simply Good and Beautiful Math K–3

Our Levels K–3 parent-led math courses feature short, effective lessons using stories, games, fun activities, and a simple box with fun manipulatives for a hands-on, interactive approach to learning. 

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Simply Good and Beautiful Math 4–7

In Levels 4–6, students begin each lesson by watching a video, which includes interactive guided practice completed in the course book. Each video features an engaging theme to make the content relatable to the student. 

The lesson also includes a concise, written mini lesson. Students can refer to the mini lesson for help during the lesson practice. Or they can choose to skip the video completely and use just the mini lesson if they already understand that day’s concept. Sometimes parents choose to teach their children using only the mini lesson. 

After the lesson, students complete Lesson Practice and Review pages. Parents then check their child’s work with the answer key included in the course set. We have incorporated reviews, games, logic activities, and puzzles throughout the course, and students will find assessments  at the end of each unit.

Homeschool Math Unit 4 for Grade 7 by The Good and the Beautiful
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A Happy Homeschool Mom…

We know it can be difficult to decide whether or not a curriculum will work for your family. Perhaps this comment we received from a homeschool mom with almost two decades of homeschool experience will help:

“My youngest two girls (6 and 9) have done Simply Good and Beautiful Math since Math K. Their foundation is so solid, and their minds are being trained to think mathematically in so many ways. The lessons allow for short, high-quality focus on the math concepts and keep it fun and engaging before their attention span runs out, making math a positive experience each day. 

This program is filling a void that has existed in the homeschool world for a long time: parent friendly! No separate teacher manual, easy open-and-go, rigorous but hands-on and fun too. I feel like my kids are going to be much more prepared for high school and college this time around.”

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  • Amber Paik

    Will you be releasing upper level math courses for 8th-12th grade?

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your interest! We plan to explore the development of High School math after the release of Math 8 Pre-algebra course, which is anticipated to be released in 2025.

      Our blog includes a post that goes more in depth on our High School plans. Within that post is also information about signing up for text alerts for any updates. We hope this helps!

  • Danielle

    Love this definitely helped me understand and to trust the process

  • Cait Paredes

    love your math lessons. they keep the kids so engaged!

  • Mary Runnels

    Started with the first grade for my daughter and will now be introducing the kindergarten book to my son. Grateful for all the little extras that come in the box set that will keep him interested and eager to learn and play.

  • Jenn Montgomery

    This is my favorite blog post bc math was what brought us here. My son has SPD and I loved how multi sensory the subject was. While math is NOT his favorite subject we definitely had fewer tears and even some smiles with this curriculum!