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Looking for printable bookmarks? Do you love to color? These free printable bookmarks are available from The Good and the Beautiful. Grab your markers and start coloring the first two, or simply print the others to use right away! 

Choose Good Books

The Good and the Beautiful is on a mission to bring good books to families around the world. Founder Jenny Phillips has spent years studying and analyzing the impact books have on children’s minds and hearts.

She says: “Comparing the first few sentences of books from a century ago and today shows that, overall, books have become much less complex because the trend is to use much simpler sentences. This type of writing does not make a brain work as hard. In turn, a child is not learning skills such as focus and concentration nor increasing his or her attention span. 

It’s eye-opening to compare the first sentences of some best-selling books in recent years for middle grades on Amazon.com and those from top-selling books for the same age group in the late 19th century.” 

Read more of her thoughts on “How Books Have Changed in the Past Century” and other topics on The Good and the Beautiful Book Blog. The uplifting messages on our printable bookmarks remind children of the importance of good books.

Jenny believes books have the power to improve writing and concentration, but not if they are void of quality writing and stripped of sensory language, poetic devices, and varied sentence structure.

“Books that give deep and meaningful insights into human life can help children gain more depth of character, stronger analytical thinking skills, greater empathy for others, and increased knowledge.” 

Jenny Phillips
founder of The Good and the Beautiful

Book Resources

Graphic for Book list from The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful Book List 

This searchable online database includes reviews of hundreds of books read by The Good and the Beautiful team. The books are scored for their educational, moral, and literary values and all are recommended by Jenny Phillips. 

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The Good and the Beautiful Library

A collection of original and reprinted classic titles for children of all ages! Find only good and beautiful books in this one-of-a-kind library. 

Why Read Good Books?

We’ve picked some fan-favorite books from The Good and the Beautiful Library to share with you. The reviews below explain how these books teach good values yet take readers on exciting adventures. These types of books truly are good and beautiful. They have changed the hearts and minds of children (and their parents too)! 

Mr. Apple’s Family

“My daughter loves this book so much! She was raving to me for days after she finished it. She learned that you need to work for what you get, and you can’t expect to get everything for free. I love the lessons it taught her and loved seeing her joy for reading come alive after reading this book.” *Christie

Front Cover Sammy By May Justus

“May Justus is such an amazing story writer! This sweet story of Sammy includes the beauty of family love! Also, hard work, friendship, and perseverance are part of this fun story.” *Anne 

From The Good and the Beautiful library, Escape to Freedom by Ruth Fosdick Jones, a historical fiction about slavery and the underground railroad. A good book to accompany homeschool history curriculum.
Escape to Freedom

“I read this aloud to my children, ages 6–13, and we all enjoyed the storyline and everything we learned about this time period. This book teaches about the value of choosing the right, even when others view it as wrong, of not judging others, and of the power of family.” *Elizabeth R.

Front Cover Melissa Across the Fence By Augusta Huiell Seaman
Melissa Across the Fence

“I read this book to my littles (ages 3-8) and they loved it. They truly enjoyed the storyline and lessons taught. Most of all we loved the feeling it left us with. It is so different from other books. The Good and the Beautiful books have all so far been this way. They all have left us with smiles on our faces and peace in our hearts. Thank you for giving us such wonderful options.” *Alejandra H.

The Lost Kingdom by Chester Bryant
The Lost Kingdom

“This book offers so much more than the description states. My children and I learned about history, the jungle, animal behavior, family relationships, and the importance of an education that encompasses both book learning and real-world learning. My children loved the action this book offered as well. I would definitely say this is a must read!” *Christina P.

Front Cover Mark Lives on Mars By Jenny Phillips - 1B
Mark Lives on Mars

“This book ignited a fascination with Mars and space exploration in the mind of my oldest son. It was his absolute favorite book. Two years later, he now owns multiple books on Mars and space.” *Brooke M.

Don’t forget to download our free printable bookmarks! 

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  • David

    Reading Good and Beautiful books has helped my children become interested in and enjoy classic literature. Books from the Good and Beautiful library laid a gentle foundation of rich words and engaging storylines which has allowed them to read some of the classics with interest and ease.

  • Crystal Doyle

    Good and Beautiful books have transformed our home! In only a short time, my children’s language has more depth and they echo the stories and ideas that are in these books! I’m forever grateful for good books and the positive impact in our home!!!

  • Natasha Harris

    Our children’s and homeschool atmosphere have been greatly blessed with the addition of Good and Beautiful books. My children love every book offered; even my reluctant reader devours them. I don’t have to stress about pre-reading to look for poor content that doesn’t line up with our values. I can trust every book in The Good and Beautiful library to have merit and good character.

  • Lacramioara Snow

    We are slowly building our library with good and beautiful books. I can’t thank Jenny and her team enough for providing us with wonderful, full of story and imagination, clean and appropriate literature for each of my children. We have enjoyed story time and honestly we can’t put these books down because my kids want to know how it ends and afterwards they like to pretend to be one of the characters and recite their favorite lines or parts of the story. I’m so grateful to have found The Good And The Beautiful

  • Miranda Matheson

    Reading good and beautiful books has always been high on my priority list. I have 4 very active boys, and they all love to be read to. Choosing books with high quality content has sparked so many amazing discussion s with my boys. Reading is our favorite part of our day.