The Good and the Beautiful Science: What It’s All About

Science is an important part of any homeschool education, but our team believes homeschool science curriculum should be fun and inspiring too! Our best-selling science units make science exciting to learn and easy to teach.

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn
why so many families use The Good and the Beautiful science units!

4 Ways The Good and the Beautiful Homeschool Science Curriculum Makes Homeschooling Easier . . .

1. Units are taught family-style

This means you only have to teach one lesson for all your children up through 8th grade. Our unit studies are appropriate for grades 3–8, but younger children often enjoy learning alongside older siblings.

If you only have children in grades 2 or below, be sure to check out our Science for Little Hearts and Hands. Learning together is one of the greatest joys of homeschooling!

2. Unit studies can be completed in any order

Start with whichever unit sounds most interesting to your family. Sometimes it’s fun to pick a unit that goes along with the season—like Botany in the spring. 

Are you taking a trip to the ocean?
Do the Marine Biology unit before you go.

Or maybe you’re going to the canyon.
Take the Geology unit with you!

 Or let the kids pick which unit to do next. 
Most families complete 3–5 units per year if they do 2 lessons per week.

3. Lessons are open-and-go

We know that there are some days when you lack the energy or supplies to conduct science experiments. That’s why we have videos of all our science experiments. You can observe the experiments with no prep and no mess. Additionally, each unit has several engaging and informative videos to bring topics to life using live-action footage. 

Access all our science videos free!

4. Student Journals are age appropriate

These fun and interactive journals are divided into two age groups. The Grades 3–6 Student Journal includes worksheets and activities that solidify comprehension of the lesson and encourage further exploration. The Grades 7–8 Student Journal covers the same material as the younger journal but in a more advanced format. It also contains a lesson extension for each lesson, allowing older students to dig deeper into the topic.

You never have to worry about the religious content in our courses. While they are faith based, they don’t dive into any doctrine about things like the age of the earth or the topic of salvation. We leave all of these topics to families and church leaders to teach. Instead, our curriculum focuses on basic Bible principles, such as having faith in God and being thankful for His creations. This allows our science units to work for both old Earth and young Earth theories.

Ready to jump in?

Our Marine Biology unit is available as a free download.

Free Printable Marine Biology Science Units Grades 3-8

See our full list of family-style science units on the Choose Science page.

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  • Emily

    We 💚 TGATB science!

  • Nicole

    The GATB science curriculum is the best

  • Saurra Tophia

    I LOVE how the science units can be taught family style and in any order! Our family really enjoys science time together 😁

  • Lufi anisa

    Thankyou tgtb…. very very usefull for us….

  • I love TGATB science! I have some of the older Science Units. Can you use the new Student Notebooks with the older “assemble-yourself” curriculum?

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your support! All of our Science Units have been released in the new format, including a Course Book and Student Journals. The format has changed the most for the new editions, including moving activities from the course book to the Student Journals and streamlining some of the parent-read lesson content. Due to the new format, we do not suggest that the new Student Journals be used with the discontinued science units; however, there are a few units that may correlate. Contact customer support for details. The Student Journals contain activities, pages, and games that are geared toward specific grade ranges, and are highly integrated with the lessons in the newly updated units. If you would like to use your existing science unit, the science videos are available on our website so families can still utilize them.