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Banner Ladybug Crafts
March 24, 2022 3 comments

Ladybug Crafts

Don't miss our adorable FREE Ladybug Crafts packet (with a snack idea too)! 
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Kindergarten Readiness Blog Banner
May 05, 2022 31 comments

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Learn tips on how to prep your child for kindergarten and download a free Kindergarten Readiness Checklist!
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Banner Little Hearts and Hands LHH Activities
April 19, 2022 11 comments

Science for Little Hearts and Hands: Activities

Fun science activities for preschoolers to second grade! Find links to all optional activities for Science for Little Hearts and Hands in this post.
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Illustrated Banner for Sample Homeschool Schedules
April 05, 2022 46 comments

Sample Homeschool Schedules

Homeschool schedules from real-life families using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum!
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Banner Birdseed Ornaments and More!
March 18, 2022 3 comments

Birdseed Ornaments & More

Download a free PDF printable of a birdseed ornament recipe as well as instructions to make a yarn bird craft!
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Banner Watercolor Ideas Easy, Beautiful, and Fun
January 27, 2022 16 comments

Watercolor Painting Ideas

Need a few watercolor painting ideas? Keep reading!  Watercolor painting is an easy and fun hobby for people of all ages and artists of all skill levels. It is as...
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Banner Christmas Coloring Pages and Winter Activities
December 16, 2021 18 comments

Christmas Coloring Pages (& Winter Activities)

Print three original Christmas coloring pages (and a list of 50 winter activities)!
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Illustrated Banner for Summer Bucket List Blog Post
June 08, 2021 5 comments

100 Fun and Easy Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

100 Summer Bucket List ideas and free printable to write your own!
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Illustrated Cover for How to Use Games in Your Homeschool
May 19, 2021 4 comments

How to Use Games in Your Homeschool

Incorporating board games into your homeschool changes up routine and makes learning more fun! Some call it gameschooling or play-based learning, but for those who are less formal, just once...
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