Language Arts

Banner for Compound Words Blog Post
February 03, 2022 2 comments

Compound Words

Learn more about compound words, then download a free list of more than 300 compound words for kids!
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Banner for Blog Charlotte Mason
November 18, 2021 191 comments

Charlotte Mason & Homeschool

Learn more about Charlotte Mason and her teaching methods!
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Illustrated Banner for Homophones Blog Post
November 12, 2021 6 comments

What Is a Homophone?

Homophone definition: Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We use homophones in our daily conversations and see them in print all the time....
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ABC Charts for Kids from The Good and the Beautiful
October 14, 2021 9 comments

Printable ABC Charts for Kids

Print three bright and colorful ABC charts!
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Graphic The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum
August 30, 2021 65 comments

The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum

What's the secret to simple, joyful homeschool days? Watch this video to hear a life-changing homeschool tip.
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Photograph Banner for Poems About the Rain
August 17, 2021 1 comments

Poems About the Rain

Enjoy these short, fun poems about the rain (with original illustrations)!
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Banner Poems About the Sun
July 08, 2021 4 comments

Poems About the Sun

We love these 15 delightful poems about the sun! Keep reading to find a free download of these short, fun poems with original illustrations. Find these and many other nature...
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Illustrated Banner for Kindergarten Sight Words
June 24, 2021 23 comments

Kindergarten Sight Words

Common kindergarten sight word lists & activities, as well as pros and cons of teaching sight words.
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Illustrated Banner for Nature Poetry for Kids Blog Post
June 03, 2021 9 comments

Nature Poetry for Kids

A collection of nature poetry for kids - free PDF download!
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Photograph of Mother and Son Reading Together
October 07, 2019 18 comments

Why Children Excel at Reading with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

Can your child achieve a solid reading foundation with The Good and the Beautiful curriculum? Yes! It’s one of the things people like most about our curriculum.
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