Homeschooling with The Good and the Beautiful: What It’s All About

Once there was a homeschool mom who loved books and nature and God.

She created her dream language arts curriculum for her own kids. And then she shared it for free online.

She called it The Good and the Beautiful.

People loved it because it was filled with nature and beauty. 

It used wholesome literature and was academically thorough, open-and-go, and easy to teach!

Eventually, hundreds of thousands of children across the world used the curriculum.

And it’s still free!

Learn more about the unique philosophy and mission of The Good and the Beautiful!

Jenny Phillips explains how our team of directors, creators, and reviewers with differing Christian backgrounds work together to uplift and strengthen children and families.

Homeschool is not just about checking off all the subjects to be taught each day—it’s about shaping the hearts and minds of children and, above all, leading them closer to God. The character children develop and their relationship with God are the most important parts of education. 

Our Christian homeschool curriculum is faith-based from a completely nondenominational Christian viewpoint that focuses on basic principles such as kindness, faith, honesty, and an acknowledgment of God’s majesty—these are things that unite all Christians. 

Thus, our curriculum is rich with nature, beautiful art, and literature that supports faith, character building, and strong families. 

Our curriculum creators and reviewers have backgrounds in over 20 different Christian denominations, and each one of our six directors of curriculum development has a different Christian background. 

The Good and the Beautiful is an example of how Christians with differing backgrounds and beliefs can work together on common ground to do good in the world, uplifting and strengthening children and families.

We take education seriously at The Good and the Beautiful. It is important that learning is fun and creative while also being academically solid and thorough. 

We find that children thrive on structure and that intentional and planned curriculum which is thorough and academically robust, when done in the right way, does not lessen creativity or individuality. Instead, it strengthens it, leaving no holes in your child’s academic foundation. 

Photograph of Mom and Son Using Homeschool Math Grade 2

Our large piloting programs help us determine what works best for most children to excel academically. The Good and the Beautiful courses do not follow common core, but they do have a comprehensive list of standards to meet for each course. These standards meet or exceed most national and state standards. 

Real parents and children guide our curriculum development process rather than established rigid philosophies or extreme approaches.

A wonderful thing about The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is that you do not need teaching experience or knowledge in any particular area to give your child a strong academic education.

Our lessons are open-and-go, so you aren’t overwhelmed with so many things to do and prepare. We maximize learning by teaching multiple concepts in each activity or lesson, reducing busywork and teaching time. We want you and your child to have time for the many other opportunities that homeschool brings.

Some subjects a child completes individually, and other lessons are done family style. For example, each child does his or her OWN LEVEL of language arts and math. This allows each child to progress as fast or as slowly as needed in these foundational subjects.

The Good and the Beautiful Placement Tests

History and science are designed to be quick but effective family-style courses, which allows the family the precious opportunity to learn, explore, and discuss TOGETHER. It also eliminates the time, cost, and energy of teaching a different science and history course to each child. 

No one should be kept from homeschooling with a top-quality, faith-based curriculum because of a limited budget. 

All of our thorough, high-quality K–8 math and language arts courses are free to download or inexpensive to purchase. Many homeschooling families switching to The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum find that they save over $2,000 a year compared to other popular companies. 

If we were to explain our approach in two words, those two words would be: “WHAT WORKS!” We use pilot families to refine and discover what REALLY works. 

What works to make learning joyful? What works in teaching strong academics? What works to help children become good writers and good thinkers? What works to help children appreciate wholesome, top-quality literature? What works to bring children closer to God and to their families? The answers to those questions are how we form our curriculum.

Join us in our mission as we make faith-based homeschooling easy and inexpensive and help children learn to recognize, appreciate, and seek out what is good and beautiful in literature, learning, and life.

Learn more about homeschooling with The Good and the Beautiful:

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  • Tiffine Daniels

    This post helped me to navigate through the curriculum I purchased in a way that was very beneficial to my children.

  • Candice Cole

    So thankful for this curriculum! My children love the math especially! Thank you so much from our little family

  • Lisa

    We absolutely love this math curriculum! Thank you so much 💕

  • Danielle

    Is there going to be 7th grade math next year? I am really hoping my son will be able to do math for 7th and 8th grade. We have really liked the way that the 6th grade math is set up.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your support, Danielle! We anticipate Math 7 will be released in early 2024. Math 8 will be released in the coming years. Consider following us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for updates and announcements about Math 7 and more!

  • Sarah

    Does this particular curriculum fall under the church-related “umbrella” school defined by Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801?
    I’m inquiring information for my soon to be 4th grader

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your inquiry, Sarah! As we are not a school and do not coordinate our curriculum to specific state standards, so we are not able to provide personalized guidance for meeting state requirements or requirements of certain programs. Most programs do have teachers or others who may be able to help parents interpret and find the best way to meet specific requirements.

      We do offer all of our K-8 Language Arts and Math curriculum for free on our site. This is a helpful way to find which lessons would fulfill any requirements. We hope these resources are helpful as you work to fulfill any program requirements you are seeking.

      Have a great 4th grade year!