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Simply Good and Beautiful Math FAQs

How is the Simply Good and Beautiful Math program different from your current math program? Why are you changing?

By August 2nd, 2021, we will be releasing Levels K through 5 of a new math line titled Simply Good and Beautiful Math. These thorough, academically solid courses will align more closely with our mission of 1) making homeschooling more affordable (math course sets will be $49.99, including manipulatives) and 2) making homeschool less overwhelming.

On March 1st, 2021, we will release more details and extensive sample lessons for these ground-breaking new math courses. Because this product is still under development, and there are adjustments during piloting, we can’t release as much information as we’d like, but here is some information we can share:

  • Our amazing math team has Simply Good and Beautiful Math K Through 5 deep into piloting with over 60 families. With the overwhelmingly positive response from our pilot families, we feel confident this new math line will be able to bless many more families.
  • Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses are completely new (not just new editions)—not a single paragraph will be the same. Our current math boxes, calendars, etc. will not work with the new courses as we will have entirely new manipulatives.
  • Simply Good and Beautiful Math level 6 will release in 2022 with level 7 releasing in 2023 and level 8 in 2024.
  • The Math 4 Part 1 Course Book (original math line) and upcoming Math 4 Part 2 Course Book (original math line) will not be discounted at any point, but these course books will be discontinued when they go out of stock. (When Math 4 Part 2 (original math line) releases in March 2021, we will be selling printed course books at the original price until they sell out.) Musical Multiplication is not discounted and will not be discontinued.

Why the change to a new math line? We will go into more details on March 1st, but here are the main reasons:

1) We have found it is not necessary to take 5-7 pages to teach every lesson and math concept like our original math does (even though it does it so well!). Our new approach is academically thorough but much more concise. It still uses all learning styles and is packed with beauty and meaning. Games, activities, and stories are still included but in less overwhelming and lengthy ways. The new approach will make homeschooling multiple children incredibly more easy and effective in a shorter amount of required parent time.

2) The large amount of moving parts and manipulatives in our original math makes it overwhelming for some families and hard to keep children’s focus as the parent searches for manipulatives, game instructions, place value charts, certain numbered cards, calendars, etc. Simply Good and Beautiful Math has fewer manipulatives, but uses them in very effective and fun ways, and the layout streamlines all instruction into one course book.

3) Our original math is our highest priced K–8 product and our lowest profitable product. It also takes up by far the most space in our warehouse and the most time from warehouse, purchasing, and inventory employees. It is not sustainable, and we determined we needed to discontinue the math in favor of a new, improved product or raise the price (which we know is already outside many family budgets) to $159 per math course set. This cost is not in line with our mission to make homeschooling affordable, but with Simply Good and Beautiful Math, we can offer an affordable, amazing math program for just $49.99 for each course! 

Has the scope and sequence changed? Are the courses advanced or on grade level?

The scope of the courses will remain largely the same as our current math, but the sequence and lessons will vary. Not a single paragraph will remain the same in the new math courses. As the scope is largely the same, students can transition between the current math to Simply Good and Beautiful Math with ease. Our development process also incorporates numerous math experts to ensure the highest academic standards.

My child has completed the current math courses. Will I be able to switch to the new program?

Yes! The scope for our math courses will remain largely the same. If your child completes a current math level, he or she can move into the next level of our Simply Good and Beautiful Math program. For example, when your child completes The Good and the Beautiful Math 1, he or she can begin Simply Good and Beautiful Math Level 2.

Will the courses still have many moving parts?

A huge focus of our new courses is increasing the simplicity and ease for children and parents. Simply Good and Beautiful Math will have fewer items in the math manipulative boxes and fewer moving parts. The lessons are also concise while maintaining the highest academic standards.

What will the cost be for each course in the Simply Good and Beautiful Math line?

Physical math course sets will be $49.99, including manipulatives.

Should I buy the current edition courses or wait for the new releases?

It’s up to you! You will be able to seamlessly transition to the new Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses from the current math.

Are your math course PDF files discounted?

No. PDFs of all math items can be purchased at their regular price.

Why isn't Math 4 on sale or discounted? Will you still release the Math 4 Part 2 course book?

The Math 4 Part 1 course book was released on December 14, 2020. As a new release, it is not part of our clearance sale. The course was printed in limited quantities and is only available while supplies last. It will not be discounted at any point or reprinted when it goes out of stock. The Math 4 Part 2 course book was released in March 2021 in limited quantities.  Math 4 Part 1 and Math 4 Part 2 are not expected to restock in physical format but are available in PDF format.

I bought math items before the sale. Can I still get the discount?

The discount and clearance prices only applied to Math Levels K–3 items purchased between December 21, 2020 and April 7, 2021. We apologize that we can’t extend the discount to previous purchases.

Can I return discounted items?

No. All clearance items, including Math, are final sale. Clearance items may not be returned for any reason.

Will PDFs continue to be offered for the original math courses once they are sold out?


Will the current Math Activity Boxes be used with the new courses?

No, the current Math Activity Boxes, calendars, etc., will not be used with the new courses as we will have entirely new manipulatives.

Do the new courses still contain stories?

Yes! Simple, short stories about children like yours and everyday life are woven throughout the course books, but not as often.

Is there diversity in your courses?

Yes! Our new Simply Good and Beautiful Math Courses feature more diversity than our original math courses.

My child loves the games. Will you still have those in the new math line?

Yes! We want to make learning fun for you and your child. Games, puzzles, and more are included right in the course book, but not as often or as extensive. No need to search for game mats or instructions as they are now part of the lessons.

Are you still planning to release Math levels 6–8?

Yes! Simply Good and Beautiful Math level 6 will be released in summer of 2022 with math 7 and 8 planned to release in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Will you offer the new courses in printed and PDF format?

Yes! However, our new manipulative items are mainly made from wood and are no longer made from chipboard, paper, or cardstock and will not be offered in PDF format.

Will Simply Good and Beautiful Math follow Common Core?

By design, The Good and the Beautiful curriculum does not follow Common Core or the educational standards of any state. The academic spine of this curriculum was developed by compiling all the principles and information deemed important by The Good and the Beautiful creators. This was a very thorough process that took months to complete for each subject and had input and review by educators, historians, scientists, reading specialists, math specialists, and grammarians. The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is extremely thorough and has high academic standards, many of which go above and beyond those adopted by Common Core. We believe that children who work on The Good and the Beautiful curriculum consistently each day will find that they are far above public school standards.

I want to switch to your current math program. Where do I start?

Welcome! We encourage you to start with our Math Level Assessment found here:

Math Level Assessment

You can also find helpful tips in our brand-new video, How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year! 

We also encourage you to review the extensive sample pages on our website. The sample pages for each course include the tables of contents for the Part 1 and Part 2 course books. This will help you decide if you want to start at the beginning of the course or with the Part 2 course book.

Which levels use the same Math Activity Box?

Level K has its own Math Activity Box. Levels 1 and 2 both use the Levels 1–2 Math Activity Box. Levels 3 and 4 use the Levels 3–4 Math Activity Box.

My question wasn't answered in the FAQs. Where can I find out more details about the new program? When will you have more information?

Our new courses are still in development and deep into piloting. We don’t have more information to share at this time either on our website or via email. Please watch our website and social media channels and sign up for our email newsletter for the latest information.

In addition to releasing extensive samples and answering additional questions about the new Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses on March 1st, we will also be making a huge, astonishing announcement about this new math line. So stay tuned!

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General Math FAQs

How does The Good and the Beautiful support traditional math?

The Good and the Beautiful Math supports traditional methods by teaching basic math facts and universally recognized traditional algorithms. Children memorize math facts, but our math program is not based solely on rote memorization but also on gaining a deep understanding of numbers and relationships among numbers. Our strong emphasis on developing a solid number sense leads naturally into helping children understand the reasoning and application of standard algorithms. Children quickly learn and memorize mathematical algorithms when they first understand what the numbers and operations represent.

How does The Good and the Beautiful avoid Common Core (or New Age) math methods?

Our math program avoids the following items:

  • confusing and ambiguous methods that require complex explanations to solve basic operations
  • an emphasis on the process with lack of regard to the answer (We believe both the process and the answer are equally important.)
  • story problems and examples that do not support traditional values and/or strong family relations
What style would you say your math curriculum is primarily based on?

The Good and the Beautiful math curriculum offers a balanced approach to teaching mathematics. The curriculum includes components of multiple styles and begins with concrete, hands-on learning then moves gradually to a conceptual understanding of math. The curriculum is written with a real-life, “living-math” approach. It is also written to meet the needs of many different learning styles—including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Does it follow a mastery or spiral approach?

The Good and the Beautiful math curriculum offers a balanced approach of both mastery and spiral learning.

Is the Math curriculum advanced like the language arts courses or do the levels match general grade levels?

Though our math curriculum is extremely thorough and academically strong, it is not considered advanced (Math K is kindergarten level, Math 1 is first grade level, and so on).

I’m teaching multiple children the same math level. Does each child need their own Math Activity Box?

If the children are being taught as a group, ideally each child should have their own Math Activity Box. Sharing the manipulatives in the Math Activity Box would render the lessons less effective and cause them to take a much longer amount of time.

If the children are being taught individually, the Math Activity Box may be shared; however, each child will need their own “My Calendar” (Level K) or “My Planner” (Level 1).

How does The Good and the Beautiful math compare to other math programs? How does The Good and the Beautiful math program compare in price with other math programs?

Our Math Curricula Comparison chart is a helpful document with a comparison of concepts covered in The Good and the Beautiful Math and six other popular programs plus a review of price and all standards covered.

For the quality and thoroughness received and the fact that all materials are beautiful, full-color (which is much more expensive to print), The Good and the Beautiful pricing is amazing! The math course sets may seem more expensive than other The Good and the Beautiful products, but they are not priced at a higher profit margin than our other products. You will notice that the math course books are priced the same as similar length language arts books, but then you also have to add in our math activity boxes which contain a large number of resources that help add variety and effectiveness to the program. Because of the amount of expertise and illustration required for the math courses, our profit margin on the math products is actually less than most of our other products, while the math products take up the largest amount of space in our warehouse. We truly have gone to great efforts to make this math program as affordable as possible!