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Where is the store located and when is it open?

870 N. 100 E. Suite 105, Lehi, UT
Please enter through the storefront, not the back warehouse door.

Store Hours

Tuesdays from 12-6, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-3

We apologize that we strictly cannot accommodate any other days or times, not even pickups. We hope to expand store hours in the future.

The store will not be open on the following dates

Saturday, October 6th
Friday, November 23rd (It will be open November 24th)
Tuesday, December 25th
(We are open on January 1st.)

What should I know before I come into the store?

It is suggested that you have each of your Pre-K to 8 children take the language arts assessment and the reading level assessment before you come in to the store.

Can I place an order online and pick it up at The Good and the Beautiful storefront location?

Unfortunately, no. Logistics make that difficult. If you would like to pick up items, you will need to purchase them at the store during store hours.

What is sold at the storefront? Are items ever out of stock.

All products that are on the website are available at the storefront. In addition, we have science kits from Toolboxes for Teaching. If an item is out of stock on the website, it is out of stock in the store.

I am coming in from out of town or out of the country on a certain day of the week when the store is not opened? Is there a way to pick up items from the store on another day?

Unfortunately, there is not.

Can I get the same discounts/promotions at the store that are currently offered on the website?


Can I purchase PDF downloads at the store?
No. You will need to purchase those on your own; however, select units, including some editions of our Science Units and Arts and Crafts Notebook do include a PDF.