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The Good and the Beautiful has discontinued its original math line.
See our new math courses at Simply Good and Beautiful Math.

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Discontinued Math FAQs

How is the Simply Good and Beautiful Math program different from your discontinued math program? Why did you change?

These thorough, academically solid courses align more closely with our mission of 1) making homeschooling more affordable (math course sets are less than $49.99, including manipulatives) and 2) making homeschool less overwhelming.

Our amazing math team piloted Simply Good and Beautiful Math with over 60 families. With the overwhelmingly positive response from our pilot families, we feel confident this new math line will be able to bless many more families.

Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses are completely new (not just new editions)—not a single paragraph is the same.

Why the change to a new math line?

1) We have found it is not necessary to take 5-7 pages to teach every lesson and math concept like our original math did (even though it did it so well!). Our new approach is academically thorough but much more concise. It still uses all learning styles and is packed with beauty and meaning. Games, activities, and stories are still included but in less overwhelming and lengthy ways. The new approach makes homeschooling multiple children incredibly more easy and effective in a shorter amount of required parent time.

2) The large amount of moving parts and manipulatives in our original math made it overwhelming for some families and hard to keep children’s focus as the parent searched for manipulatives, game instructions, place value charts, certain numbered cards, calendars, etc. Simply Good and Beautiful Math has fewer manipulatives, but uses them in very effective and fun ways, and the layout streamlines all instruction into one course book.

3) Our original math was our highest priced K–8 product and our lowest profitable product. It also took up by far the most space in our warehouse and the most time from warehouse, purchasing, and inventory employees. It was not sustainable, and we determined we needed to discontinue the math in favor of a new, improved product or raise the price (which we know was already outside many family budgets) to $159 per math course set. This cost was not in line with our mission to make homeschooling affordable.

Has the scope and sequence changed? Are the courses advanced or on grade level?

The scope of the courses have remained largely the same as our discontinued math, but the sequence and lessons vary. Not a single paragraph has remained the same in Simply Good and Beautiful Math. As the scope is largely the same, students can transition between the discontinued math to Simply Good and Beautiful Math with ease. Our development process incorporates numerous math experts to ensure the highest academic standards.

My child has completed the discontinued math courses. Can I switch to Simply Good and Beautiful Math?

Yes! The scope for Simply Good and Beautiful Math remains largely the same. If your child completed a discontinued math level, he or she can move into the next level of our Simply Good and Beautiful Math. For example, when your child completes The Good and the Beautiful Math 1, he or she can begin Simply Good and Beautiful Math 2.

Where can I find support for the previous math line?

The previous math line is no longer available for purchase.

For support for prior purchases, please email [email protected]