My Daughter’s Story

Join Jenny Phillips as she shares her daughter’s inspiring story—a story that sparked the incredible mission of The Good and the Beautiful. In this personal story, you will see WHY Jenny feels so passionate about spreading this message. Feel empowered as you listen to the impact you can have on your own children’s lives as you bring incredible literature into their hearts and help them discern for themselves what is worth reading and what is not.

Visit our “Be Brave About Books” page to learn more about our mission to bring good and beautiful literature into the hearts of children and to join us in the movement. 

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    Maya Larsen

    I really like the good and the beautiful books.They are very inspiring!My favorites are the ones about birds.After reading about birds,I started to love birds!I am so grateful that god sent me to this beautiful world of birds!

  • Jessi

    I really like your book list and as an avid reader have read many of the books on it myself. That being the case you should check out the Daisy Dawson books and the Billie B. Brown books. Both are engaging stories that are promote goodness. The Billie B. Books especially deal with how children should treat others and behave today such as learning to be honest, kind, and patient.

    • The Good and the Beautiful

      Thank you for the suggestions, Jessi!

  • Cody

    It is a blessing! I love your curriculum. It changes my Outlook as a parent. I’m so grateful God sent you on this mission. It’s hard to pull together something so amazing. Thank you for all you do.