A Grandma for Christmas: by Alta Halverson Seymour

Christmas is always a special time of year, but it’s even more enchanting in the beautiful, snow-covered mountains of Norway, where sleds and skis are the preferred modes of transportation and the air is filled with the sweet smells of Norwegian treats.

Level 5 read-aloud for all ages, 80 pages including appendix containing traditional Norwegian recipes, Christmas crafts, and discussion questions.

Little Gunnuf keeps busy helping his family prepare for the lovely Christmas festivities at Roland Farm. However, the Rolands are all so occupied with their own tasks that he can’t get the help he needs for his special gift for Mother—that is, until he becomes better friends with Fru Solem, the lonely, aging widow who lives up the mountain. Gunnuf’s thoughtful and kind attention to Fru Solem brings blessings and gifts that make this Christmas one of the finest yet.