Baker Bill and Other Books

by Jene Barr

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5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

My kids loved the cute stories in this book. Short and sweet for bedtime reading! My 7 year old read the book on her own and told me about each story as she finished them. Then I read them to my 6 year old. We all enjoyed them!


My son with apraxia loves this book

5.0 rating
November 12, 2019

My 10 year old son that has a severe case of apraxia has overcome so much over the years (5 days a week of speech for 7 years). His speech is excellent now but his reading skills are behind (normal for kids with apraxia). Reading is very hard for him and despite working at it over and over and over again, he still has a hard time with sounds and putting everything together. He is 10 and is discouraged because he feels like most books on his level are for little kids and so he struggles with feeling like he is so far behind. I got him this book and he LOVES reading it. He told me he felt like it wasn’t a baby book and he felt good about reading it. FINALLY…I found one that made him feel good about himself! I am so thankful for this book and for what it is doing for my son! Thanks!

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A kind librarian, a little cowboy, and a busy baker; library books galore, an enormous cake, and the pony ride of a lifetime. All of these and more await the reader of Jene Barr’s stories for children. Follow along with Miss Terry, Baker Bill, and Texas Pete as they show you a glimpse of their world at school, at work, and at play in this enchanting collection.

96 pages

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