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This 216-page course book guides the parent and child through the course and requires no prep time other than glancing at future lessons to see if there are any extra items to gather. Only one course book needed per family. Includes access to Audio Dramatizations and the Student Explorers.

  •  Full-color cover
  • Black & white inside
  • 215 pages
  • 8.5×11
  • PDF for self-printing

The Big Book of History Stories is also needed to complete this course. 

History Course Book (PDF) Year 1


This 216-page book includes maps and color images for use with the course book as well as 21 illustrated stories that correspond with the lessons. This compilation of beautifully written storybooks is designed to save you money and time as you do not have to track down or purchase the equivalent of over $200 in books. The course books indicates when to read each story

Big Book of History Stories (PDF) Year 1