Central America Family Reading Box

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Discover the geography and culture of Central America with this limited edition Central America Reading Box from The Good and the Beautiful.

This one-of-a-kind colorful box includes

  • An original Roll-a-Map Central America game that combines learning, strategy, and fun
  • Exploring Central America hardcover book filled with vibrant images, beautiful descriptions, and interesting facts about this unique part of the world
  • Two novels set in Central America that immerse children in adventure, learning, and character-building lessons
  • A guide including suggested ways to use this box for your family, along with craft and recipe ideas

Come, explore the people, culture, food, and geography that fill the captivating countries of Central America.

The Central America Reading Box Contains

Exploring Central America

Visit white sandy beaches, coastal plains, underground caves, lush rainforests, tropical waterfalls, explosive volcanoes, and beautiful swamps. Learn about the plants and animals and the people and traditions of Central America in this 78-page read-aloud for the whole family. By Elle Staples & Shannen Yauger.
Roll a Map Central America Game -1B

Roll-A-Map Central America Game

Learn the names and locations of the seven countries of Central America in this fun, fast-moving game that your whole family will enjoy. Players take turns rolling seven dice and marking their plays on a scorecard. The first player to collect each category wins the game. Includes map, instructions, scoresheet, and dice.

Pablo of Flower Mountain

Pablo lives high in the beautiful mountains of Honduras with his family in a clay house built by his papa. Join Pablo’s adventures as he finds that life holds many challenges and wondrous surprises for a courageous boy. 146 pages, Level 7, read-aloud for the whole family by Christine Von Hagen

The Forgotten Finca

Elvia and her family have roamed the jungles of Panama, seeking shelter after a landslide that destroyed their home. What happens when they find an abandoned coffee plantation in a jungle clearing? 230 pages, Level 5, read-aloud for the whole family by Christine Von Hagen

The Central America Family Reading Box is a perfect geography study for the whole family and includes a guide including suggested ways to use this box for your family, along with craft and recipe ideas.

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