Cherokee Run

by Barbara Smucker

Wonderful story about forgiveness

Rated 5 out of 5
November 25, 2019

This was a very nice book. It was exciting- at times, we didn’t want to stop reading it. One of the main themes of the story deals with forgiveness “How can you ever forgive someone who has been very mean to you?” Because God says that this is what you should do. The characters in this book learn that through forgiveness you can even find friendship.

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Level 5

Katie Becker is amazed at the wide expanse of blue sky and the endless prairie grass of her new Kansas home. After leaving Ukraine in search of religious freedom, Katie and her Mennonite family are ready to settle into their American homestead for good. However, when a hate-filled neighbor and swarms of grasshoppers tarnish their dreams, the family decides to take the risk and race to stake a claim in the newly opened Cherokee land of Oklahoma. Readers are inspired and entertained as they follow the Beckers’ quest for a home of their own through hardship, new beginnings, faith, and intense excitement.

133 pages

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