Cynthia of Bee Tree Hollow

by Genevieve Fox
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Level 10

“Cynthia sat on the doorsteps and listened while Bee Tree Hollow slowly became a pool of darkness, and the whippoorwills began to call from the edge of the woods. It seemed as if a quiet hand was laid on her troubled spirit. There had been Baileys here more than a hundred years ago. There would be Baileys here when a hundred more years were gone.”

When the building of a new dam threatens to flood their hollow, Cynthia and her family must leave the only home they’ve ever known. Ma and Pa want to “turn tail and crawl up Brushy Mountain” to live far from friends and society, where there would be no school for Cynthia to attend, and she can’t let that happen. Now she must somehow convince her family to leave their beloved mountain home and start a new life on the unfamiliar bottomland.

This book can also be purchased as part of a four-book set featuring other beloved favorites from Genevieve Fox.

155 pages

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