Daniel and the Drum Rock

by Florence Parker Simister

Wonderful Friendship and Adventure

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

What a great story about two boys from different backgrounds befriending one another and helping each other through some hard trials. My boys 11-13 both loved it!


Good Historical Read

4.0 rating
December 16, 2019

A good read that has historical value while teaching the importance of friendship and doing what’s right. A good reminder that people are more the same than different. My children 3 through 12 enjoyed this book.

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Level 7

Fallen twigs and branches crackled beneath his feet. Animals scurried away, frightened by the noise of the running. Occasionally a vine slapped his face, but he only laughed and ran on effortlessly.

He had a friend his own age. He had not known such joy as filled his heart now since the days in France before the king’s soldiers came and made life unbearable for the French Huguenots.

Daniel Chapelier and his family have traveled from France to England to America, fleeing religious persecution and seeking land to call their own. When they finally settle in the colony of Rhode Island, they hope their trials are over. All is well until their English neighbors start making trouble. Can Daniel and his new Indian friend, Netop, find a way to keep the peace between the angry settlers?

120 pages

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