Flag in Hiding

by Trella Lamson Dick

Great patriotic book

Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2022

Enjoyable read. Gives a great reminder of what the flag symbolizes.

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She woke, cramped and chilly. The moon was out of sight. She must have slept for hours. Randy was probably in bed. As she rose to go and see, a movement in the dusky yard caught her eye. There he was now. But what was he doing? He seemed to be going away from the house instead of toward it. Why, it wasn’t Randy. The figure was as large as Father’s. She watched the man disappear into the barn. She hurried into Randy’s room. The bed was empty.

In 1777 Colonial America, the Stewart family finds themselves and their farm in the middle of a Tory stronghold in New York. Fourteen-year-old Randy Stewart, inspired by Patrick Henry’s famous speech, is determined to help the Patriots and quickly finds himself in great danger. Surprise is around every corner in this beautifully written historical fiction that the whole family will love.

155 pages

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