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This beautiful four hardcover book set includes wonderful writing and uplifting stories combined with characters filled with traits any parent would want their child to emulate. The writing of Genevieve Fox immediately captured Jenny Phillips’s heart and she immediately knew these powerful books had to be brought back for all to enjoy. 


Cynthia of Bee Tree Hollow 

Janet of Laurel Hill

Lona of Hollybush Creek

Susan of the Green Mountains

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Cynthia of Bee Tree Hollow by Genevieve Fox


“Cynthia sat on the doorsteps and listened while Bee Tree Hollow slowly became a pool of darkness, and the whippoorwills began to call from the edge of the woods. It seemed as if a quiet hand was laid on her troubled spirit. There had been Baileys here more than a hundred years ago. There would be Baileys here when a hundred more years were gone.”

When the building of a new dam threatens to flood their hollow, Cynthia and her family must leave the only home they’ve ever known. Ma and Pa want to “turn tail and crawl up Brushy Mountain” to live far from friends and society, where there would be no school for Cynthia to attend, and she can’t let that happen. Now she must somehow convince her family to leave their beloved mountain home and start a new life on the unfamiliar bottomland.

Janet of Laurel Hill by Genevieve Fox


For a teenage girl, Janet Bradley carries a heavy load. Since her mother’s death, Janet has been running the household, helping her father on their struggling farm, and acting as a proxy parent to her little sister, Molly. Janet longs to continue her education, but until the Bradleys can earn enough to hire extra help, school remains a distant dream.

However, when a visiting cousin opens Janet’s eyes to the “treasure” all around her, Janet quickly becomes a thriving businesswoman. Despite a few setbacks, including a raging wildfire, Janet and her neighbors grow closer as a community through her business, gaining a greater appreciation for the beautiful land around them and the simple joys of their rural life.

Lona of Hollybush Creek by Genevieve Fox


With only two years of schooling, almost fourteen-year-old Lona Allen feels humiliated and embarrassed. She vows never to go to school again! However, despite Lona’s opposition to formal schooling, her family encourages her to continue learning and growing.

When she finds a small scrap of paper in the attic that holds a link to her family’s past, Lona discovers a new passion. With the help of the old folks in Hollybush, Lona and the talented Peter work tirelessly to revive the “old forgotten handicrafts” and bring new life and hope to their struggling mountain community.

Susan of the Green Mountains by Genevieve Fox


"Susan looked dreamily ahead.  Somewhere, two hundred miles or more away, would be her new home--a log cabin in the woods. For neighbors, they would have only bears and wolves and foxes.  There would be no school.  Everything was going to be different."

Leaving behind all that is dear and familiar, thirteen-year-old Susan Eldredge ventures into the forested mountains of the Hampshire Grants with her family.  Building a homestead is no small task.  Many dangers surround the family, and when the Yorkers come to steal her family's land and destroy their efforts, Susan's true test of courage begins.

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