Helen Keller—Into the Light

by Shannen Yauger

Wonderful non-fiction story!

5.0 rating
May 10, 2021

My 6 year old daughter loved this book and was very interested in Helen Keller after reading it. She was able to read it on her own with little help needed.


Would love to see more like this!

5.0 rating
May 3, 2021

I love the early reader style of this book. The illustrations are cute and interesting, and my girls all enjoyed read it.

Kayla K

Inspiring true story

5.0 rating
April 29, 2021

This is an inspiring introduction to Helen Keller, her life, and what it might be like to have disabilities. It’s easy to read for young children, and can pique an interest in Braille and sign language.

Kimberley H.

A true treasure for young readers

5.0 rating
April 28, 2021

My 7-year-old read this book aloud to me. I love the story of Helen Keller, so I was thrilled to see a simplified version for the young reader. The language was easy to follow but the story was true to history and brought up many interesting discussion points for my son and I. This is definitely a must-read.

Dora Jacobs


5.0 rating
April 27, 2021

This biography was perfect for my young reader. She loved that Helen was a real girl who lived. The story is written so well that my girl on her own, wrote a story about being Helen Keller’s friend and what it would have been like to be there for her. It really is written in a perfect way to connect a young reader to someone from our history.

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Level 2

Close your eyes and pretend you cannot see or hear anything. You cannot tell your family what you want or need. You might cry and yell just like Helen Keller did! Now think about having a teacher come into your life who will never give up on you. That’s what Annie Sullivan did for Helen. Learn about the story of Helen Keller as she goes from a young child who is mad because she can’t see, hear, or talk to her loved ones to a smart and capable young woman who can speak, read Braille, and even write books!

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