Kidlik’s Kayak

by Terry Shannon

Caught the interest of a reluctant reader

5.0 rating
February 25, 2021

I loved Kidlik’s Kayak because it is informative and goes into great detail of what it’s like living in the Arctic and how everyone has to do their part. This is a really good book!
-Jed, 11
I will add that I handed this book to Jed when he really did not feel like reading (which for him is most days). The next day he was excitedly pointing out amazing facts. He expressed that he had no idea it could be so interesting. FABULOUS!!!


Boy as main character

2.0 rating
March 3, 2021

My 7 -year old daughter read this over the phone to her grandmother. She rated this only 2 stars, because she said she has read too many books in a row that have a boy as the main character, “too many boys” in her opinion. “I mean I liked it, there’s just been too many boys. I liked Over the Hills to Nugget better.” (As a mother of a son, I DO appreciate the wonderful male and female characters! I will come back and rate this myself, if ever I get the chance to read it.)

Becky Lingen

Wonderful adventure story

5.0 rating
January 23, 2021

We read this along side Wild Like the Foxes, another wonderful Good and Beautiful library book for older kids. I love that there’s a book for each age group in our family to learn about the Inuit people. This book is a fun adventure and we loved the little drawings throughout the book illustrating Inuit culture and tools.

Danielle B

Great Educational Adventure of Inuit Eskimos

5.0 rating
December 28, 2020

I could not read this book quickly enough for my young boys. It was a fun read-aloud for the whole family to enjoy. We loved the images and notes included on the pages. It is interesting, educational, engaging, and adventurous.

Lezlie I.

Exciting and Educational

5.0 rating
December 15, 2020

This was an exciting story that taught me about the life of the Inuits. I liked the drawings throughout that showed unfamiliar items, especially the igloo map. This story illuminated how hard the Inuit people worked every day to survive. My 7 year old son enjoyed it as well.

Mackenzie S
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Level 3

Kidlik tried to guide the boat toward the shore. . . . But despite his strongest paddling, they were carried farther and farther down the coast. . . . Now it took all of Kidlik’s skill to guide the boat between masses of floating ice.

Kidlik and his younger brother, Tocktu, are excited to make the long journey by themselves to the icy sealing grounds of the Arctic to hunt for provisions for their family. Come along on this exciting story as Kidlik, no longer a little boy, seeks to prove himself and battles the dangers that await.

Full color

53 pages

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