Kindergarten Books

1 Book Set: Kindergarten Books—Pet Pals

My Children Love These

May 22, 2024

My children read these so much they have them memorized! They’ve been enjoying them a lot. It has really helped their reading capabilities.


Great way to get extra reading in without frustration!

May 21, 2024

My son read through the Pet Pals books while working his way through the Level K LA book and the Reading Booster A cards. I love how they added an opportunity for extra reading without any frustration of words or concepts he hadn’t learned yet. It was also fun that each book featured a child with their special pet, and we got to follow along for their adventures.


Sweet readers

May 21, 2024

My new reader loves these sweet books.


Cutest books for early readers!!

May 21, 2024

My son is just learning to read and the pet pal books are his absolute favorite. He pulls them out everyday to read or have read to him! He loves talking about the beautiful and descriptive pictures and is so proud of himself when he can read one of the short stories by himself!! So excited for the next little set to come out summer 2024!

Kaylee D

My son loved these!!

May 21, 2024

These books were a great tool to have. My son learned to read with these and it was also fun to read out loud to my littles. I highly recommend.

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Level K

The Kindergarten Books are delightful stories for students who are beginning their reading journey. Each sturdy box contains four books sized just right for little hands. While not integrated into the Level K Language Arts course, the stories follow the exact scope and sequence of the Reading Booster A Cards, using an organized sequence of phonics principles and sight words. Use these adorable books alongside the Kindergarten course or independently to boost any new reader’s confidence and skill! 

  • Each box includes four layflat books, each with 40 fun stories.
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Kindergarten Books—Pet Pals available now!
  • Stay tuned for two more Kindergarten Book sets coming later in 2024!

Kindergarten Books—Pet Pals is the first of the Kindergarten Books. The second set, Kindergarten Books—Bees and Trees is anticipated to release late summer 2024! Books in each Kindergarten Books set are not sold separately. As they are only sold as a set, each Kindergarten Books set counts as just one book for our Buy 5 Bookshop Books Receive Free Shipping promotion.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

Kindergarten Books

Kindergarten Books—Pet Pals


Kindergarten Books: Pet Pals is perfect for beginning readers to boost confidence and make reading less overwhelming and a more enjoyable and positive experience.

  • 40 separate, fun stories in four books that are just the right size for little learners.
  • Kindergarten Books are not integrated with the Kindergarten course but do follow the exact scope and sequence of the Reading Booster A Cards.
  • Each book features a child and his or her pet and uses only certain phonics principles and sight words.
  • All books are full-color and illustrated, 120 pages, 5.5″x4.25″, and the set includes a sturdy box for storage.
Coming Soon Kindergarten Books Bees and Trees by The Good and the Beautiful

Kindergarten Books—Bees and Trees


Coming soon!

The second set in the Kindergarten Books Boxes is coming soon! Stay tuned for Kindergarten Books—Bees and Trees coming late Summer 2024!

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