King Otto’s Crown

by Richard Roth

Intriguing history!

Rated 4 out of 5
September 14, 2022

A lovely read about Germany in the 900s. The characters exhibit worthy, Christ-like characteristics and I enjoyed the history I learned from it. A little hard to read (just takes more concentration than most) but worthy of my time.

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Level 11

Experience the golden age of Germany through the adventures of the honorable von Stein family and King Otto. This historic narrative tells of daring feats, warm friendships, and noble kingdoms threatened by treachery. Though betrayal and rebellion brew and occasionally erupt with great heartache, the von Stein family and King Otto continuously meet such trials with fairness and long-suffering forgiveness. This incredible journey sheds light on how a courageous German kingĀ of the tenth century came to be known as Otto the Great.

138 pages

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