Lantern Lane Series



May 22, 2024

So thankful for clean books I can hand to my middle schooler and feel confident she’ll enjoy and I don’t have to worry about questionable content.


A page turner!!

May 21, 2024

My daughter devoured this book! Very well written and interesting.


Great story

May 21, 2024

My daughter absolutely loved the first installment of this series and can’t wait for the next !


Great book, excited for the next!

May 21, 2024

I didn’t actually think this book would be able to captivate me, but when I finally read it, I was hooked! It was a great book about a mystery and I could not put it down. I am anxiously awaiting the next book!


Very engaging

May 21, 2024

My rising 6th grader devoured this book and is already asking when the next one will be available!

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Level 6

by Tessa Greene

In the Kingdom of Trielle, a dark forest awaits just outside the bounds of the city. Fourteen-year-old Letty lives on Lantern Lane, a street lined with lanterns to help guide the citizens to safety each night. When people begin disappearing from Lantern Lane, Letty must come face to face with danger to find the truth. It will take all her wits and determination—and help from her friends—to bring the missing ones home. Highlighting principles of high character, courage, integrity, and sacrifice, the books in the Lantern Lane series are exciting tales sure to inspire your middle-grade students.

  • The first book in this series available now!
  • Book 2 is anticipated to release September 2024!

Lantern Lane Book 1 is the first book in the Lantern Lane series. Lantern Lane Book 2 is anticipated to release September 2024. These level 6 original publications are perfect for children reading at an upper elementary school level. It is recommended that they be read in order.

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Lantern Lane Series

Lantern Lane Book 1 by Tessa Greene


Citizens from the Kingdom of Trielle who dared to journey into the ominous, dark forest just outside the village were usually never seen again. Thus, Lantern Lane was created and lined with huge, beckoning lanterns set aglow each night. Fourteen-year-old Letty is perfectly content with her life on Lantern Lane until she faces her father’s mysterious disappearance and then is mistaken for the princess’s runaway lady-in-waiting. Whisked to the castle, Letty finds herself in a whole new world as she encounters daunting experiences and unexpected adventures. Featuring beautiful writing, a hallmark of The Good and the Beautiful literature, Book 1 of Lantern Lane is sure to uplift, entertain, and inspire.

121 pages

Lantern Lane Book 2 by Tessa Greene

Lantern Lane Book 2 by Tessa Greene


Coming soon!

Lantern Lane Book 2 is anticipated to release September 2024!

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