Mole’s Hole

by Jenny Phillips

Learning while reading a story

5.0 rating
February 8, 2021

Mole’s Hole is a cute story about a mole. We learned a lot while reading this story. The facts weren’t dry because they were interwoven. It also has great illustrations.

Linda L

Fun reader that combines science learning with reading!

5.0 rating
December 21, 2020

My little boys love this book! The illustrations of the mole are adorable, as is the story. I love that they learn true facts about these interesting animals along the way. I thought I knew a lot about mammals, but I learned new things about moles!


Simple and Sweet Story

5.0 rating
October 17, 2020

I hate stories that treat vermin (moles, rats, mice etc) as if they are gross dirty animals. This story depicts a little mole as sweet as can be and tells all about her home and her life. My daughter oohed and aahhed through the book. Wonderful colors/illustrations.



5.0 rating
August 14, 2020

My son loves books about animals, so this was just right! It’s the kind of book that’s in story form, but you are learning facts as well!


Cute and informative

5.0 rating
July 1, 2020

I enjoyed this little story of the mole. It taught facts about moles but they were woven into a cute little story that made more interesting to read. The illustrations were simple but beautiful.

Mackenzie S
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Level 1A

Mole has a hole. It is deep and long. It has tunnels. It has a part to sleep in. This part she lines with dry grass. She is so snug as she sleeps in her dark, dark hole.

Learn about moles in this fun, cute story, just right for new readers!

30 pages

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