Mother Penny

by Gertrude Robinson

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5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

We loved this book! My 2nd grader started reading it on her own but was having a little trouble following as the writing is a little different than what she is used to. So we finished reading it together and loved the story and lessons. Mother Penny is a good mother who left the life she loved in order to protect her babies. So sweet and powerful.



5.0 rating
November 16, 2019

This book delighted my children and the illustrations helped to keep the attention of even my three year old. We all immensely enjoyed the tale of Mother Penny. The story was wonderful and we recommend this book to everyone.

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Level 3

Mother Penny was wise. She never brought up her babies where they hatched out of the nest. She knew about skunks and weasels and snakes. She was on the way to a paradise of wild ducks, an island out at sea.

Mother Penny and her ten little ducklings find themselves lost and alone when a fierce storm deposits them on a strange island. There they benefit from selfless love and loyalty as new friends care for their needs, save them from unfamiliar dangers, and even provide a very unexpected helper.

91 pages

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