Mpengo of the Congo

by Grace W. McGavran

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Rated 5 out of 5
April 15, 2020

My kids and I really enjoyed this book. We read it separately, but I could tell from their narrations to me how much they enjoyed it. My kids were caught up in the adventure of the story, but as we discussed it, it’s clear that they caught the positive messages embedded in the story as well. We also enjoyed learning more about the Congo and the challenges early missionaries faced in spreading Christianity.

Danielle B.
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Level 5

Young Mpengo has lived his life in his safe and beautiful village with his father, mother, his little sister, Ekila, and most recently, Baby Bula. He has friends in the village, and he gets to attend school. However, his whole world changes when his family moves to Hidden Village. First, they must travel down the dangerous river and then walk many miles. Then, they will need to set an example as Christians to help convert the villages, even though Mpengo’s grandfather is the village witch doctor! Will Mpengo’s faith and Christian values help him find a home in Hidden Village, or will he and his family remain outsiders?

90 pages

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