Prince Percy and the Big Red Ruby

by Jenny Phillips

Wonderful story!

May 28, 2021

When we first started this program I would sit and have my son read books to me. When he was finished reading it he said,” This is the best book I have ever read! It’s so good!” It brought tears to my eyes to see how Prince Percy comes to recognize, things we can not buy can have the most value of all in life, and can bring the greatest happiness. He has a change of heart. I love that about this story. It is wonderful!

Sarah Meder

Money isn't everything!

May 10, 2021

I love the teachings of this book that money isn’t “wealth”. Zero potty humor and just all around great family reading time.

Petra S.

Highly Recommend

May 10, 2021

Prince Percy was not a humble Prince, but he learned some valuable lessons and grew as a person. I loved the moral of this story and how this book encourages good character!!

Crystal D.

Truly good and beautiful!

March 26, 2021

It is so difficult to find earlier reader books that aren’t all graphic novels full of meaness and potty humor. I work hard to find heart warming books for my boys because “just reading” is not enough. This book fits the bill perfectly! Exciting adventure, and a once selfish boy who learns what life’s true treasures are. Please write more Jenny Phillips! And thank you for this treasure of a book.

Sarah Green

Many Lessons to be Learned

December 9, 2020

Prince Percy is not the most lovable person. Through his adventures he learns the value of relationships and people and he is changed by the end. The teaches that we can be kind to people even when they aren’t kind to us.

Linda L
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Level 3A

When Prince Percy, proud as a peacock, is rescued by a humble family in the woods, he is shocked to learn something—the family believes they are richer than he is. What treasure could they possibly possess that would compare to his prized ruby? Through adventure, misfortune, and the love and forgiveness of the people in his kingdom, Percy might just be able to learn what is truly valuable. 

  • 82 pages
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Paperback, perfect binding, 5.5″x8.5″

Prince Percy and the Big Red Ruby is a level 3A book perfect for children who have just completed The Good and the Beautiful Level 2 Language Arts Course.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

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