Rags—An Orphan of the Storm and Other Animal Stories

by Various Authors

Perfect Book for Young Animal-Loving Children

5.0 rating
July 16, 2020

My young animal-loving children liked all three stories in this book. My nine-year-old was able to read them independently. The length of each individual book was perfect for her daily reading time.

Ann M.


5.0 rating
July 1, 2020

Rags is an adorable little book of three stories about animals. It’s perfect for children who love animals and are starting to work on chapter books. It has wonderful illustrations, and the stories are filled with descriptive language. I highly recommend this book.

Linda L
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Level 3

Rags is a sweet but scared dog who just wants a family to take him home from the shelter and show him the love he longs for. Each of the three stories in this book show that adopting a pet is rewarding, but it is also a big responsibility. Join Rags, two playful kittens, and one very large dog to discover the different ways their families are able to show them how much they care.

95 pages

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