Red Hugh of Ireland

by Jeannette Covert Nolan

A Tale of Doing Whats Right

Rated 4 out of 5
August 11, 2022

This book was hard for my children, they thought it was slow. I loved it though, because in every event Hugh did what was right. It was not the easy path, but he made good choices for all involved.


An adventure to enjoy

Rated 4 out of 5
June 12, 2020

Be careful when you give your word. This story is full of adventure, danger, friendship, and a reminder that your should know what you are getting into when you give your word, then follow through.

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Level 11

The year is 1587. Fair Ireland and her proud people are being crushed by the iron fist of English rule under the unyielding Queen Elizabeth. Sir John, the Queen’s Lord Deputy to Ireland, and his conniving henchman, Dragos, are determined to quash the last of the resistance by any means necessary.

Young Hugh O’Donnell is everything his family could wish him to be—clever, handsome, generous, and fiercely loyal to Ireland and the O’Donnell clan. So when he and Art O’Neill, the son of a rival clan, are kidnapped by the evil Dragos and held hostage in Dublin Castle on condition of their families’ surrender, all hope seems lost. However, Hugh and Art have friends outside their prison walls, waiting to help the boys and their country to freedom.

212 pages

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