by May Justus
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Level 3

Sammy’s mind wasn’t on his work. He was thinking about something far away from this corn patch—about three things, to tell the truth. The first thing was a pair of new shoes that cost two dollars. The second thing was a pair of new blue britches that cost one dollar. The third thing was a blue-and-white striped shirt that cost one dollar. Four dollars in all. Sammy sighed deeply. Even his best shirt and britches were so patched up
they looked like a crazy quilt.

Sammy’s dream is to have new clothes for Last Day of School, for he has a special part in the program! He will sing and play his banjo in front of all the people.

Sammy is a heartwarming tale of a little boy who dares to dream, works hard to accomplish his goals, and is blessed with kindness from others.

53 pages

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