Sidney Baldwin Boxed Set

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$15.99 $6.39 Out of stock

My daughter loves these books!

5.0 rating
November 9, 2020

I bought these for my daughter to grow into, but one day she found them on the shelf and started one. She was hooked! I haven’t read them yet but she has re-read both of them.

Autumn Sage


5.0 rating
September 24, 2020

Young Prince Hubert is one of those rare stories that is interesting to read and teaches a good moral without leaving a bad taste behind. It’s a gem and I hope it will become better known!
Princess Hildegarde is not as good. The story is uneven and hard to get through. Hildegarde behaves inconsistently, one moment a good, caring child, and the next an imperious young lady. The plot was predictable and not well laid out. I did enjoy the setting: the island, the castle, and the cave. Overall, not my favorite of the books I’ve had from The Good and the Beautiful.


Great Read Aloud Books

4.0 rating
June 13, 2020

My boys loved having these two stories read aloud to them before bed. Although they seemed to enjoy Prince Hubert’s story more. Both stories are great to read on your own to read aloud to your children.

Kylie J.

Great Read aloud stories

5.0 rating
June 13, 2020

My boys enjoyed having these books read to them. Although they enjoyed hearing about Prince Hubert and his adventures more, they did like Princess Hildegarde

Good Lessons with Medieval Fun

4.0 rating
June 11, 2020

I had never heard of Sidney Baldwin before being introduced to these two books, but I really enjoy his writing. I think Young Prince Hubert is a better story (Princess Hildegarde could be a little bit bratty sometimes), but both were fun reads. Princess Hildegarde has the mystery, and Young Prince Hubert has the heart. Both were well worth the read and kept me turning pages.

Becky P.
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Level 7

In this boxed set, two separate books by gifted author Sidney Baldwin—Princess Hildegarde and Young Prince Hubert—take the reader to faraway lands of castles and adventure.

Young Prince Hubert is spoiled and haughty, and drastic measures are taken in an effort to change his character, setting him on a most unexpected and engaging adventure.

Poor, orphaned Hildegarde is as sweet and kind as can be, but there is a secret that connects her to the abandoned castle over the hill. Events unfold that bring her new friends and set her on an exciting path, ushering her closer and closer to the truth about who she really is.

While staying true-to-life, Sidney Baldwin has created two books full of imaginations, endearing characters, plot twists, and fantastic messages.

Princess Hildegarde—204 pages

Prince Hubert—136 pages

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