The Energy Questions & Answers Book

Energy Grades 7-8 Extension

Love it

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

These question and answer books are great for just flipping through. When you find a question that peaks your interest you can stop and get a brief but detailed answer with pictures. My 8 year old loves to read it and then tell me what he learned.

Mackenzie S

Full of interesting facts!

5.0 rating
October 15, 2020

My kids enjoy the question and answer format of these little science books. They try to guess the answer before reading on. I feel like this really engages them! This is a great companion to the energy unit or fun to read on its own!

Danielle B

A Must Have for Your Home Library

5.0 rating
August 13, 2020

This little book is so interesting. It is divided by topic, so it’s really easy to read it all at once or just pick and choose what you want to learn about. The pictures are perfect, and the information is easy to understand.

Laura F

Facinating and Beautiful

5.0 rating
July 8, 2020

My boys have loved paging through this book and learning so many interesting things about energy. The illustrations catch their eye and help the information stick. Thanks for another great book, The Good and the Beautiful!

Tristan RowLee
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Picture and Reference Book

What is a sonic boom? How do infrared goggles work? Can animals make their own light? This book asks and answers questions about electricity, magnetism, light, heat, wind, and sound that will help children better understand the world around them. With gorgeous graphics, detailed diagrams, and fascinating facts, this book will engage children as well as parents!

45 pages, full-color, written by Anthony Klemm

This book is suggested to accompany our Energy science unit as extra reading for students in Grades 7-8.

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