The Flop-Eared Hound

by Ellis Credle

Little Boot-leg and his dog

5.0 rating
November 6, 2019

Charming story of a lonesome, mischievous, old flop-eared hound and how he becomes a beloved member of the family.

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Level 3

Down South in a little cabin underneath a honey-pod tree, lives a lonely little boy named Boot-jack. One summer day, Boot-jack hears a noise in his barn and, to his delight, discovers a flop-eared hound dog that seems to need a home. Come along with Boot-jack and the hound as they experience the ups and downs that come with their new-found friendship.

“Written in 1938, this charming book gives children a meaningful and interesting glimpse into the past. Filling children’s minds with this type of gentle, beautiful literature helps cultivate gentle, beautiful hearts and minds.” —Jenny Phillips

42 pages

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