The Journey of Ching Lai

by Eleanor Frances Lattimore

Ching Lai learns what it means to be lucky

4.0 rating
October 26, 2019

Sweet tale of a young boy coming to appreciate the life he was given in the mountains instead of wishing for a different life by the sea.
Note: The book talks about Buddhism and White Cloud Temple that pilgrims come to visit.


Fun book for my 8 year old!

5.0 rating
September 14, 2019

My son enjoyed reading this book. He is reading at a level 3 and this was perfect. He read it on his own, and only had to stop a couple of times to sound out words he didn’t know. He said he would recommend this book to other kids!

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Level 3

One beautiful day, Ching Lai and his cousin are surprised to find a riderless black donkey coming down the path. Trying to look courageous to his cousin, Ching Lai climbs on the donkey’s back. Trying not to worry, Ching Lai does not dare get off. Ching Lai waits for the donkey to tire and stop, but it goes all day without stopping. Ching Lai soon finds himself far away from his mountain home and caught in a journey that takes him farther and farther away.

“This charming Chinese tale is the kind of worthy book I want my children reading. Books like this one help form strong hearts and minds. As children are taken to a beautiful land, they not only gain knowledge but are also exposed to beautiful writing and gentle messages.”—Jenny Phillips

123 pages

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