The Other Side of the Wall

by Mary E. Ropes

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5.0 rating
October 26, 2019

This book takes you on a suspenseful journey, you don’t want to put it down! I had my teenage boys read this one with me and we all enjoyed it. My favorite quote: “We don’t regret anything because we believe all the anxiety and trouble and danger drew us nearer together than we could ever have been without them.”

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Level 11

When Jacques (Jack) Hamon receives a confidential assignment that could save the family fortune of a friend, he starts on a daring adventure. Jack fulfills his duty but pays a heavy price. He finds himself wrongfully imprisoned in a tower that rises from the rock of a small, desolate, storm-beaten island. All seems lost, but hope is rekindled when a hidden hole in the prison wall connects him with another prisoner and starts a series of events that would change his life forever.

I moved the bed, went down on my knees, and feeling about in the darkness (for my candle-end was burnt out). I presently found a place in the wall where some bits of mortar had fallen out, and a large stone was loose. I laid hold of the stone by a corner that was sticking out and worked it backwards and forwards with both hands, prying out more mortar now and again with the chisel. And at last, after about half an hour’s work, I managed, without noise too, to get the stone right out, leaving a hole about as big as my head . . .

I set the piece of rough stone down softly on the flood, and as I did so, I heard a deep sob. Then a cold, thin, trembling hand came through the hole, and mine went to meet it, and we two poor lonely prisoners grasped hands.

“Adventure, honor, and love all come together in this well-written but nearly-forgotten literary gem.”-Jenny Phillips

100 pages

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