The Story of Edith Cavell

by Iris Vinton

EVERYONE Should Learn about this Woman

5.0 rating
June 23, 2020

I am embarrassed to say that before reading this I didn’t even recognize the name Edith Cavell. I loved learning about her years as a child and how they molded and shaped her to make the decisions she did later in life. She truly is a history hero and exactly the type of person I would want my children to look up to. She has become a “history hero” for me.

Elise Berning


5.0 rating
June 22, 2020

Some books really resonate and stay with you, and this is definitely one that I will remember. Edith Cavell’s story is told simply, but engagingly, and shows how an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life. Her example and choices are powerful, and I look forward to sharing this book with my kids!

Kayla K

I loved this book.

5.0 rating
June 16, 2020

My 10 year old avid reader snatched this book up as soon as we received it and read it. She kept after me to read it and when I finally opened it up I finished it in a couple days. It was an engaging and beautiful story that I was not familiar with at all. I felt truly educated and edified by the story of Edith Cavell. I highly recommend this book.

Mackenzie S.

Love for Humanity

5.0 rating
May 14, 2020

I had never heard of Edith Cavell until one of my friend’s who loves history recommended this book from the Good and the Beautiful. I’m so glad I read it. Edith was a gifted nurse. The story tells of her childhood in England showing how she became the courageous, capable, and gifted nurse that saved the lives of many during WWII in Belgium under German occupation. She helped everyone that she could no matter their nationality by caring for the sick, needy, and wounded. She helped hide soldiers in her hospital from the Germans and then helped transport them to safety. When she was caught and taken to prison she faced her enemy with a unique calm and inner peace. This beautiful quote shows the great faith she had in God and to love His children. “Standing as I do, on view of God and Eternity, I realize that patriotism is not enough; I must have no hatred or bitterness toward anyone.” This book has enriched my life! I want to be like Edith Cavell!

Marci W.


5.0 rating
April 16, 2020

My 11 yo son is fascinated with WWI and was excited to read this book. He really liked it and I enjoyed it as well. Her courage, stability, and honesty make Edith Cavell a wonderful role model. I’m excited to share this book with my daughter who loves reading about Florence Nightingale. Edith trained as a nurse about 50 years after Florence’s time, so this book is a perfect follow-up.

Danielle B
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Level 7

Beautifully written and based on the life of the real, inspiring heroine, The Story of Edith Cavell sweeps readers through Edith’s character-building childhood and into World War I, as she creates and operates Belgium’s first school of nursing despite the country being ruthlessly occupied. Edith becomes a key figure in the dangerous Belgian Underground, and is subsequently caught and tried for high treason.

“At The Good and the Beautiful, our goal is not to help children love reading; our goal is to help children love reading the very best of literature–books like The Story of Edith Cavell. We are here to help you steer children away from books that promote low-character and are only about fast-paced, self-centered fun, and steer children toward high-quality books that are filled with light, strength, and beauty.”– Jenny Phillips

163 pages

This book is a suggested read-aloud for the History Year 2 course and is included in the optional History 2 Book Pack.

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