Toby has a Dog and Other Books

by May Justus
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In the mountains of Tennessee over a hundred years ago, lived a young, creative school teacher named May Justus. Her students begged to hear her beloved stories, and she wrote them down and later published them. This collection features three of her much-loved books for young readers: Toby Has a Dog, Lester and His Hound, and The Right House for Rowdy. Experience mountain life in times past through these engaging and beautifully illustrated books.

“May Justus (1898–1989) wrote over 60 children’s books, almost all of which were set in her home state of Tennessee. I am grateful that this talented writer left us a treasury of such delightful literature, and I am grateful that we can bring her books back to children. It’s not surprising that behind such admirable literature is such an admirable woman. Not only was May Justus an inspiring school teacher, but she also served children with special needs, maintained a children’s library in her attic for 20 years, and was a committed supporter of racial equality, losing membership in her church for her bold efforts to end racism.”—Jenny Phillips

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