Trini the Strawberry Girl

by Johanna Spyri


5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

My daughter received this beautiful book as a gift. The moment she began reading a smile spread across her face and was there each time she picked the book back up. She basically devoured the book! As a mom and teacher, this brought tremendous joy! I can’t wait to order more to encourage my now avid reader. Beautifully done, beautifully written.

Karen McLain
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Level 8

Two Books by Johanna Spyri (author of Heidi). Spyri wrote many wonderful books that have gone out of print. We are proud to be bringing two of them back into print with this “two-books-in-one” compilation.

Trini, The Strawberry Girl

Every year an abundance of the best, juiciest strawberries grow on the hills above the little Swiss village where Trini and her grandmother live. When harvest time arrives, Trini is determined to pick more than anyone else so she can sell them and help her aged grandmother with whom she lives. In her ambition, Trini learns some important lessons. She also learns that her strawberry picking is not enough to support her and her grandmother. Will Trini need to go away to find work?

Little Miss Grasshopper

Travel with the Feland family on a holiday to a quaint cottage in Switzerland. New friends are made, and everything is beautiful and peaceful until Rita (also known as Little Grasshopper because of her bouncy, sunny personality) goes missing. What miracle can help the little girl be found?

78 pages

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