US Constitution and Government Course Book


Containing the lessons, the 184-page full-color US Constitution and Government course book directs the teacher or parent when to use the other components. Items also needed to complete the US Constitution and Government course are one Student Journal for each student grades 4-8 and one copy of Mystery on Constitution Island. Younger children might enjoy working through the Activity Book for grades K-3.

This course includes hands-on activities and pop-out 3D models of important government buildings for your kinesthetic learners; audio biographies for your auditory learners; and stunning full-color mini books for your visual learners. Additionally, History Case Files are included in the course book to walk students through how to critically think about bias, truth, facts, and primary sources.  Access to short audio biographies that provide inspirational accounts of the lives of important men and women during the framing of the Constitution and constitutional amendments are also included with the course book purchase.

  • Layflat binding

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