Wavie of the Storm

by Crona Temple
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Level 10

Antony turned away; but as he turned, he caught sight of a heap of something white upon a piece of wreck. It was a child—a little girl, apparently about six years old, bound securely to a spar. “It is dead, I doubt—the poor, tender lamb!” The child is alive, though! As the sole survivor of a terrible shipwreck, the little girl is nursed back to health by Antony, a grieving fisherman, who brings her home to his family. The children immediately call her “Wavie,” since she came to them from the waves. Who she is or where she comes from is a mystery, but Wavie soon steals the hearts of everyone she meets and becomes the very sunshine of Antony’s home, selflessly caring for his blind wife and befriending even the most unlikely neighbors. Not even the terrors of the stormy sea, the cruelty of others, sickness, and poverty deter Wavie from following in Christ’s ways. This is a beautifully descriptive, gently paced story that carries powerful messages of family, selflessness, triumph over trials, and God’s unfailing love.

145 pages

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