Zeke and the Fisher-Cat

by Virginia Frances Voight

Work Ethic & Compassion & an Unlikely Friendship

Rated 5 out of 5
February 20, 2020

This is a story of an unlikely friendship during the early colonization. It gives a glimpse of how life changed for the pioneers and the Indians while following a boy and his quest to save his sister. I got it for myself but ended up reading it to my daughters (7 & 9) because the story line was easy to follow and the interactions showed friendship and loyalty in troubled times. Their questions confirmed it was a good decision – they loved it and wanted to know more. This would also be a great read for a young man looking for guidance in work ethic, friendship, and compassion.

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Level 6

Fourteen-year-old Zeke and his family leave the Plymouth colony to build a new life in the wilds of Connecticut. When Zeke and his younger sister are captured by Pequots, Zeke wonders if his new Mohegan friend, Nemox, will prove loyal. Follow the adventures or Zeke, his Native American friend, and the fisher-cat that they find in the forest.

“We are so pleased to be bringing back some books by Virginia Frances Voight, an author whose writing is truly ‘good and beautiful,’ featuring high literary, moral, and educational value. Books like this one can get even reluctant readers interested in worthy books.”—Jenny Phillips

144 pages

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