Recommended Read-Alouds

Some of the lessons include optional read-aloud storybooks that may be read to the children at any point during the lesson. The lessons include all of the information necessary for the children to learn and understand the unit concepts. The optional read-aloud books are suggested as additional information to complement the unit if you choose. Note: Not all lessons have suggested read-alouds.

The books listed can typically be purchased online or found at your local library. A printable list is available within the science unit and a visual list is provided below for your convenience. Click the pictures below to view details or purchase via Amazon.

* = top picks

Lesson 3: Heat Sources and Production

*What Makes Fire Burn? by Walter LaPlante


Interest level 1-4


Lesson 5: Heat Transfer Cont.

Do You Really Want to Burn Your Toast? by Daniel D. Maurer


Interest level K-2

Lesson 4: Heat Transfer

How Heat Moves by Sharon Coan


Interest level K-3


Lesson 6: Temperature

Measuring Temperature by T. H. Baer


Interest level K-3

Lesson 8: What is Light?

Lessons 9: Light and Shadows

What Makes a Shadow? by Clyde Robert BullaNonfiction

Interest level K-1


Lessons 11: Light and Color

National Geographic Science Chapters: All About Light by Monica Halpern


Interest level 1-5

Lesson 12: Sound

*Sounds All Around by Wendy PfefferNonfiction

Interest level K-3

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