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New Science Unit Studies Format

We are currently in the process of updating the format of our science unit studies to make them even easier for you to use! Watch this video about our Paleontology Unit Study to see all the changes.

This new format means you need to purchase one course book for your family and an age appropriate student journal for each child doing the unit study.

Courses marked ** are new or newly updated.

Original Science Unit Studies Format

Our family-style, open-and-go science units for grades K–6 (with lesson extensions for grades 7–8) make learning fun for many ages!

Each original edition science unit is unbound to accommodate the many activities included throughout the lessons. Watch this video for help organizing your science unit.

More Units Coming Soon

We anticipate the following schedule for our new and updated Science courses. All dates and the order of expected release are subject to change.

Ecosystems (Updated)
Birds (Updated)
Maturation (Contents will remain the same. The unit is being separated into a Course Book and Student Journal and visually redesigned.)

How to Download Files

All first edition physical science unit purchases also come with the PDF, so you can easily download and print additional copies of activity pages. Click below if you are having trouble with this process.

Please note: New and updated units do not include PDFs. PDFs can be purchased separately.

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