The Truth About The Good and the Beautiful

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There are things behind the scenes at The Good and the Beautiful that may really surprise and excite you about our curriculum development process, and today we are letting you know about them with a brand-new video. We are deeply devoted to transparency and giving families truthful information about our curriculum. 

In this video, learn some astounding facts about how we do things, meet someone you’ve never met, get a link to a new document we have created, and see how we are encouraging unity and kindness among different Christian denominations through our unique, nondenominational approach to homeschool curriculum. Please like and comment on the video so it can be seen by more people. We’ve waited too long to share this information with everyone, and it needs to be heard. 

Click here to explore extensive samples and FREE downloads including our Language Arts course sets (levels 1-5) and Marine Biology Science unit at

Quotes from Latter-day Saint Leaders Document

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  • Natalie

    As a married non-denomination ministering and homeschooling couple we would like to sincerely and gratefully thank your for providing this curriculum and at such a reasonable cost. Many other mainstream Christian curriculums are not affordable for the average family and are taught in such a standard way. Cost is only a small factor, but in the world today it is on the list of what to look for in a curriculum. It confuses me that many of the curriculums out there are so costly, but I believe the Christian foundation is teaching our children Godly principles and values and that should be attainable to all Christians. I love to see how you combine family lessons within your curriculums for different ages , like history and science. Free samples and free complete language arts programs.
    At the top of our list is the content. I am so in love with content of your curriculum. It is gentle yet accurate. It is polite and it is BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful from the content to the art design. I enjoy the combination touches of different subjects within a subject. Like art , bible verses and geography touches in the language arts curriculum.
    We have been given curriculums to try, and my little girl struggled with the “boredom” and content. She has actually cringed at doing school. It was such a chore. Your program, she is excited about and loves to have school. She is a reader and I love that I know your book list and your own written books are not going to make me cringe. They are so beautiful, holding valuable lessons of morals and values for any religion.
    Thank you Good and Beautiful for making this curriculum!! My family is so grateful for all you do.

  • Santana Ammons

    Is TGAB curriculum accredited?

    • The Good and the Beautiful

      Hi Santana! Thanks for reaching out. Curriculum cannot be accredited, only schools can be accredited and even many public schools are not. By design, The Good and the Beautiful curriculum does not follow Common Core or the educational standards of any state. The academic spine of this curriculum was developed by compiling all the principles and information deemed important by The Good and the Beautiful creators. This was a very thorough process that took several months to complete for each subject and had input and review by educators, historians, scientists, reading specialists, math specialists, and grammarians. The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is extremely thorough and has high academic standards, many of which go above and beyond those adopted by Common Core. We believe that children who work on The Good and the Beautiful curriculum consistently each day will find that they are far above public school standards. We have not had people comment about the academic standards being too low; although, we have had people comment that the curriculum is too academically rigorous for some children.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions or don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] with any questions!

  • Jaime

    I have wanted to home school my daughter since before kindergarten, but it was not the way my husband and I were schooled, so we lacked confidence and feared choosing the wrong path.

    A silver lining of Covid (and other recent public health decrees) has been a full-on push to let that home school ‘seed’ flourish! With the Holy Spirit guiding us, and truly inspiring curriculum from The Good & The Beautiful, we have wonderful nutrients to help us grow in our journey.

    I am very grateful to have discovered your curriculum and I admire the message within this video. I appreciate the efforts to attract all denominations and unite us all in the Godly principles we share.

    May God bless these works you all have produced and I will share where ever I go.

    • The Good and the Beautiful

      Hi Jaime,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for including us in your homeschooling journey!