Update to Math and a Sneak Peek!

We are eager to share an update to our math curriculum and also give you a sneak peek of the upcoming Math 3 curriculum!

Will we be doing an online math program or not? How will we make it easier for homeschool parents to teach math with children on multiple levels? In this video, Mindi Eldredge, director of The Good and the Beautiful math team, discusses these questions and gives us a look at changes to come in our one-of-a-kind math program! Watch this video and comment letting us know what you think about the changes. 

Explore our math program and view samples by clicking here!

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  • J

    Thank you so much for keeping it a physical product!!
    My personal research on how screens can affect the brain has lead me to search for physical curricula for my boys. While we are currently a charter school family, I am trying to offer academic learning at home, as that’s where my heart is. Perhaps one day we will homeschool more fully.
    Thank you again for your prayerful work as you seek to bring to many the Good and the Beautiful.
    Shine On!!

  • Anna

    This is GOOD news! I was thinking I’d switch after level 2 because I want to teach math on paper, not on a screen. Thank you for this new decision to stay as-is.

  • Barbara

    Oh thank you!… We are doing TGTB, partially because all of your stuff is avalible in hard copy… Amongst other reasons.
    I find screens give me migraines so we try to limit my time with them and I have a child who’s ADHD seems to be triggered by screens ( we were surprised when we were told to cut screens and see what it does for her… And her spectrum symptoms mostly disappeared) … So it would have made my family really sad if you had switched to online.
    Thank you for your beautiful, quality, curriculum… We will be eternally greatful to you and your staff for our children’s wonderful education.
    – A mother of 5 under 5 who is greatful you answered her homeschooling prayers.

  • grayheat@yahoo.com

    THANK you so much for level 2 math! We have had our calendar marked for months for this day! My 4th child, a girl, struggled so much with math and just didn’t like it. I used the same program that my oldest three have used but for her it wasn’t a good fit at all. After using your materials for history and lang arts for all of my children, we got her the level 2 math and she LOVES it. I am so thankful for this program and I am very thankful that you decided to not go with computers with this. With 6 children, ages 16 to 2, if you turn the computer on for anything, they want to take it over and watch videos or play games. For the older children that are trying to work, it’s a big struggle and that makes for cranky children and a cranky mama! I appreciate getting to spend time with the children and work together! It’s my favorite time of the day!

  • The Good and the Beautiful

    We are shooting for 2 levels per year so we hope to release Math 5 and Math 6 in 2021!