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Celebrate Constitution Day with this FREE US Constitution PDF!
It includes the full text of the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments. 

About Constitution Day

Do you live in Iowa? If so, your state was the first to start celebrating Constitution Day—back in 1911! By 1949 each of the 48 states had adopted Constitution Day through formal proclamations.

Americans celebrate Constitution Day on Sept. 17. This marks the important date in 1787 when 39 delegates of the Constitutional Convention signed the US Constitution. Benjamin Franklin (the oldest person to sign the document) struggled with his signature because of his age, and legend states that tears streamed down his face as he wrote. 

Constitution Day finally became an official holiday in 2004. Many people felt it was important to recognize and teach young people about our country’s unique and amazing founding document. To this day, the law requires all schools that receive federal funding to teach about the Constitution on that day.

Jacob Shallus, a Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, penned the original parchment inscription of the US Constitution. He wrote the entire document for a wage of $30—a large sum in those days! It is on display in the Rotunda at the National Archives Museum where more than a million people visit each year.

Read more about Constitution Day and Constitution Week on the National Archives website and blog

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Don’t forget to download and print your US Constitution PDF!

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