Building Wells for Clean Water

Why The Good and the Beautiful Is Building Wells in Africa—And How You Can Help!

“The flow of clean water from a newly-opened community well is a truly life-changing event for those who live in rural Africa. As our team watched the joy and hope that access to clean water brought to a village in Uganda, tears fell freely. At that moment I made a promise that I would share the details of the water crisis in Africa with you, The Good and the Beautiful community.” -Ashley Nielsen, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Photograph of woman holding African Baby wrapped in blankets

Why is The Good and the Beautiful helping build wells
to provide clean drinking water in Africa?

Wells help bring a clean, safe, healthy, and reliable water source to villages across Africa. Each well can serve local communities with as many as 3,000 people. One well in a village eliminates the need to walk for miles to a dirty water source. The health, safety, time saved, and other benefits of clean water are life-changing for everyone in the community. Access to this vital resource gives many children the opportunity to attend school and spend more time with family.

Photograph of hands in clean water from a humanitarian well dug in Africa

To build these wells, The Good and the Beautiful has partnered with Family Humanitarian—a unique organization in that it sends 100% of every donation directly towards building wells. All overhead and operating costs are covered by private donors. Every single cent donated helps clean water flow.

With a small one- to two-dollar donation, Family Humanitarian provides water for one person for life! The efficiency and effective use of every donation is truly unmatched.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to bring clean drinking water
to villages across Africa. Here are two ways you can help!

Round Up at Checkout

Graphic Family Humanitarian

As you check out on our website, you will notice a feature for you to round up to the next dollar. This gives you the option to donate just a few cents any time you place an order.* The Good and the Beautiful covers all operating costs of this feature, so every cent donated goes toward building wells.

My First Africa Reader

For every physical book of My First Africa Reader purchased, The Good and the Beautiful is donating $5 towards building wells. This beautiful book for young readers is filled with 22 illustrated short stories that take place in different African countries. 

My First Africa Reader

As we come together and donate as a community, these small amounts will add up quickly. Water is a vital resource, and everyone deserves clean water. Working together, we can help bring this life-giving resource to those in need.

*All donations made through the round-up feature at checkout are not refundable and not tax deductible. Donation receipts are not available.

Photograph of young child playing by water source in Africa


In recent years, The Good and the Beautiful has funded the construction of six schools in Africa, which were then donated to local communities. Each school is run independently by the local people within the community. As our team pondered where the biggest impact could be made, we realized that access to clean water must come first in order for children to progress in their education.

Photograph of African people rejoicing for clean water

Update as of October 2023